Become an Affiliate: Earn Rewards for Growing Our Network

In the spirit of Web3 and decentralization, Adbytes.Media is excited to introduce our groundbreaking Affiliate Referral Program. By joining our program, you become an integral part of our mission to revolutionize advertising in the blockchain era. Earn our native ADBYTES tokens by referring new advertisers, publishers, and even other affiliates to our platform, and play a key role in expanding our network.

How You Earn

  • Refer Advertisers: Earn 10 ADBYTES for every $1 that your referred advertisers deposit as advertising credit. A $100 deposit by your referral translates to 1,000 ADBYTES in your wallet!
  • Refer Publishers: Benefit from the success of your referred publishers. When they withdraw their ADBYTES rewards, you receive a generous 10% of the withdrawn amount. For example if a referred publisher withdraws 10,000 ADBYTES, you'll earn 1,000!
  • Refer Other Affiliates: Expand your earning potential by bringing other successful affiliates into our network. Earn a percentage of their ADBYTES rewards each time they claim their own referral bonuses.

The Power of ADBYTES

ADBYTES is more than just a reward token. It's your key to unlocking a world of opportunities within the Adbytes.Media ecosystem:

  • Trade: Exchange your ADBYTES for other popular cryptocurrencies on supported exchanges.
  • Stake: Amplify the value of your ADBYTES by participating in our staking program, earning additional tokens for your contribution of time.
  • Utilize: Use your ADBYTES within our platform for a variety of benefits, such as redemptions for advertising credit and access to exclusive features or other perks.
  • Govern: As we develop our platform, ADBYTES holders will have a say in key decisions through our decentralized governance model.

Getting Started

Joining our Affiliate Referral Program is quick and easy:

  1. Sign up for a free Adbytes.Media account
  2. Access your unique affiliate link from your dashboard
  3. Share your link with your network via social media, email, or your own website
  4. Earn ADBYTES for each user that signs up and participates in our network via your link

The best part? Each user you refer becomes a lifetime referral, meaning you continue to earn from their activity for as long as they remain a part of our network.

Join the Web3 Advertising Revolution

By becoming an Adbytes.Media affiliate, you're not just earning rewards – you're helping to shape the future of advertising in the Web3 era. Join our fast-growing network today and start capitalizing on the power of ADBYTES!

Become an Affiliate