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Advanced Category Targeting and Bid Optimization

April 16, 2024

Following feedback and a specific request from one of our advertisers, we've implemented a significant update to our ad targeting capabilities to give advertisers improved control over their campaign strategies.

Introducing Category Targeting Mode

The new "Category Targeting Mode" feature addresses the need for more precise ad placement across our network. Advertisers can now select from three targeting modes:

  1. Preferred (default): Ads may appear on any publisher site but will prioritize selected categories for higher visibility. 
  2. OPT-IN: Ads will be shown exclusively within chosen categories, suitable for targeting specific audiences.
  3. OPT-OUT: Ads are displayed outside of selected categories, allowing advertisers to exclude certain types of content.

This update, particularly relevant for navigating diverse site types within our network, including adult-themed content, ensures advertisers can exclude or favor specific categories to align with campaign goals and brand values. 

Now available in the Ad Campaigns dashboard, advertisers can easily specify their category targeting preferences to optimize ad placement and performance. Simply expand the “Category Targeting” option when creating or modifying an ad, choose your mode and select your categories.

Clarifying Bid Strategies

Our ad bidding system is structured so the higher an advertiser's max bid per click relative to others, the more likely their ad will be shown, underpinning ad display frequency. Crafting a max bid involves assessing the value of our traffic against your budget and the competitive landscape. While we currently provide an average cost per click (CPC) from all active ads as a benchmark for setting bids, we recognize the need for deeper insights.

To address this, our development pipeline includes enhancing tools and data for more informed bid adjustments. This means not just relying on average CPC but offering analytics to ascertain your ad's ranking and the optimal bid for desired ad placement priority. We understand the importance of nuanced bid strategies, including the acceptance of sub-cent bid values for budget-friendly testing and adjustments to secure top priority placement.

Future Developments and Feedback

Our development pipeline is set to further empower advertisers with:

  • Advanced Pricing Models: Introduction of CPM, CPD, and CPA pricing models to complement diverse campaign objectives.
  • Enhanced Analytics: We're committed to providing more detailed insights and transparency, enabling advertisers to fine-tune their strategies for maximum ROI.
  • Improved Targeting and Budgeting Options: Upcoming tools will offer more precise audience targeting and financial control over campaigns.

Your feedback is a cornerstone of our continuous improvement. It shapes our feature development, guiding us to prioritize enhancements that deliver the most value to our advertiser community. We encourage ongoing dialogue to help refine and evolve our platform to better meet your needs.

Thank you for your support and engagement. We're excited to bring these advancements to fruition, further enriching your advertising experience with us.