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How to Earn ADBYTES as an Advertiser and Why to Choose Adbytes.Media for Your Advertising Needs

August 23, 2023

Adbytes.Media presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a diverse and engaged audience within the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and DeFi sectors. Not only do you get to broadcast your brand across our expansive network of publishers, but you also earn ADBYTES tokens with your ad credit purchases. Here's how you can benefit from advertising on Adbytes.Media and why you should consider joining our platform.


Earning ADBYTES as an Advertiser

We have allocated 200 million ADBYTES tokens out of a total of 1 billion to be distributed to advertisers. For every $1 USD worth of ad credit purchased, you earn 10 ADBYTES. You can purchase ad credits through the "Billing" page in your dashboard, paying with any of our supported cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), DASH, and ZeroCash (ZEC), with more payment methods coming soon).

Upon receipt of your payment, you receive the equivalent USD value in advertising credit as well as your ADBYTES rewards. The ADBYTES tokens can be withdrawn to your Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet by going to the "Claim Balance" dashboard page. Once claimed, you can either hold them, stake them for more rewards, utilize them within the platform and the Adbytes.Media ecosystem, or trade them for monetary value.

Why Advertise with Adbytes.Media?

By advertising with Adbytes.Media, you can take advantage of our "smart bid" system that assures the best value for your ads. You set your maximum bid per click, and our system optimizes to give you the lowest possible price, adjusting as necessary due to competition. All ads are reviewed prior to activation to ensure quality.

Our platform supports all standard ad banner sizes and can handle both image (static and animated) and text-based ads. We plan to add more formats and options in the near future. We currently support CPC (cost per click) type ads, but we will also soon be able to handle CPM, CPA, and other types of payment models. Plus, we continue to offer additional features for targeting and fine-tuning your ads to get the best results.

Get Started with Adbytes.Media

To get started, purchase ad credit, then head over to the Ad Campaigns dashboard area. Here, you can submit and configure your individual ads. Once our team approves your ad, it will be displayed across our network.

As a limited-time special bonus, we are offering to match your first purchase of ad credit up to $500 in value! So, if you buy $500 worth of ads from us, you will actually get $1,000 in ad credit (plus your ADBYTES rewards!).

With Adbytes.Media, your success is our success. The larger our network becomes, the more features, utility, and value we can bring to the ADBYTES token, which in turn enriches the value of your ad credit and rewards.

Join the Adbytes.Media platform today and unlock a wealth of opportunities!