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Easily Connect to Avalanche Network and Register ADBYTES Token With Your Web3 Wallet

August 19, 2023

MetaMask, a popular Ethereum wallet, provides users with self-custody and the ability to extend its functionality beyond Ethereum to other EVM compatible blockchains. This guide will walk you through the process of adding the Avalanche C-Chain network to your MetaMask wallet, registering the ADBYTES token, and claiming your balance from your account dashboard.

Adding Avalanche Network to Your MetaMask Wallet

Access Your MetaMask Wallet: Log into your MetaMask account and click on the Network drop-down menu. Choose 'Add network' from the options.

1. Choose Avalanche: A new window will display a list of predefined networks. Click 'Add' next to 'Avalanche'.

2. Approve Network Addition: You’ll be asked to approve the addition of the Avalanche network. Click on 'Approve' to proceed.

3. Switch to the Added Network: After approval, a confirmation message will pop up, offering the option to switch to the Avalanche network.

Here are the parameters for the Avalanche network you'll need:

* Network Name: Avalanche Network

* New RPC URL:

* ChainID: 43114

* Symbol: AVAX

* Explorer:

You can find RPC URLs for Avalanche as well as other EVM compatible networks at

Registering the ADBYTES Token

Upon successful addition of the Avalanche network, register the ADBYTES token using the smart contract address 0x7Ce47348F20D6bb03B995867251AA8eB4807d123. This will allow your ADBYTES balance to be displayed in your wallet.

Redeem Your ADBYTES Balance

With ADBYTES token registered, head over to to claim your balance and withdraw it to your wallet. Don't forget to select the correct network!

After you've submitted your claim, our team will review it for security reasons and approve it. This process is typically quick and efficient. However, if you encounter issues or have any inquiries, contact our support team at