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Boost Your Marketing with New Crypto Options and Special Offers

May 12, 2024

We're thrilled to announce exciting updates at Adbytes.Media, aimed at enhancing your advertising experience! Our platform now supports additional cryptocurrencies for ad credit purchases, including Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP), Casper Network (CSPR), and The Open Network (TON). These join our extensive list of accepted digital currencies, ensuring you have a variety of payment options at your disposal.

Integrating these new cryptocurrencies allows us to offer more direct and efficient payment methods, bypassing the need for currency exchanges and reducing associated fees. This move reflects our commitment to leveraging the crypto economy and providing value to our advertisers.

As part of our celebration for these new payment options, we remind our advertisers of our fantastic offer: we will match your first ad credit purchase up to $500 in additional credit. This matching offer is a perfect way for you to explore our advertising features and find the perfect strategy for your campaign.

Let's talk about ADBYTES tokens - a unique aspect of our platform that rewards you for your engagement. When you purchase ad credits, with any payment method, you earn ADBYTES tokens as a bonus, effectively a cash back in the form of our platform's currency. These tokens can be used to redeem additional ad credits at a special discount, offering you even more value for your advertising spend. Whether you've acquired ADBYTES through purchases, as part of our affiliate or publisher programs, or from the open market, they're your key to unlocking extra advertising power on our platform.

The ADBYTES token system is designed to enrich your participation on Adbytes.Media. It's more than just a reward; it's an opportunity to maximize your advertising impact and explore new strategies with an added advantage. Whether you choose to redeem your ADBYTES for more ad credits, hold onto them for future perks, or trade them, they're an integral part of our platform's ecosystem that benefits you.

Adbytes.Media is dedicated to providing a diverse and flexible advertising platform for the crypto community. With our expanded cryptocurrency payment options, match offer for new advertisers, and the rewarding ADBYTES token system, there's never been a better time to amplify your marketing efforts.

Join us to take advantage of these opportunities and propel your advertising campaigns to new heights. Register now, and let's make your marketing goals a reality with the power of web3 advertising.