Blog / Connecting to Polygon Network and Registering ADBYTES Token on Your MetaMask Wallet

Connecting to Polygon Network and Registering ADBYTES Token on Your MetaMask Wallet

August 23, 2023

MetaMask encompasses more than just Ethereum. It provides users with the capability to interact with a multitude of other blockchains, including Polygon. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of configuring your MetaMask wallet to support the Polygon network and registering the ADBYTES token.

Configuring MetaMask to Support Polygon Network

1. Open MetaMask Network Settings: Access your MetaMask account. From the account options, navigate to "Settings" and then to the "Networks" tab.

2. Add the Polygon Network: Click the "Add Network" button. You'll be directed to a new screen where you'll input the information to connect to the Polygon network.

Input the following information:

* Network Name: Polygon

* New RPC URL:

* ChainID: 137

* Symbol: MATIC

* Block Explorer URL:

3. Save the Settings: After you've filled in the necessary information, click "Save". You'll be redirected back to the wallet screen, and if successful, you'll notice the MATIC token standard and a message indicating that Polygon has been successfully added.

Registering the ADBYTES Token on Polygon

Upon adding the Polygon network to your MetaMask wallet, you can now register the ADBYTES token. The smart contract address for the ADBYTES token on Polygon is 0x75beEbcc19e17560Ec92bfB4A52854135126B1d8. Registering this will allow your ADBYTES balance to be displayed in your wallet.

How to Deposit MATIC & ADBYTES into Your Wallet

To deposit tokens into your wallet, you'll need to get your wallet address by clicking on it. You can then send MATIC or ADBYTES to this wallet address.