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Unlock a Wealth of Opportunities as an Adbytes.Media Publisher

August 23, 2023

In the era of digital earning, Adbytes.Media presents a unique opportunity for publishers to earn ADBYTES tokens. As an innovative rewards system, Adbytes.Media not only incentivizes for each impression and click generated by the ads on your platform but also offers a share from a fixed reward block. Here's how you can benefit from becoming an Adbytes.Media publisher and why you should consider joining our network. 

Understand the Earning Potential

With Adbytes.Media, every 10 minutes, 222 ADBYTES tokens are distributed among all active publishers. The share you receive is based on the volume of impressions and clicks your ad spaces have generated during that 10-minute block. This is calculated through a simple algorithm: you get 1 point for every unique impression and 200 points for every unique click. The more traffic you generate, the higher your score and your share from the reward block. For instance, if the total combined score across all publishers is 100,000 and you scored 10,000, you would earn 10% of the reward block (22.2 ADBYTES).

Engage in a Long-Term Profitable Journey

Adbytes.Media plans to distribute 200 million ADBYTES tokens (out of a total max supply of 1 billion) exclusively to publishers bringing in network traffic. This process is expected to continue for several years, at least until the max supply is reached. With 144 total reward blocks per day, making a max daily emission of 31,968 ADBYTES, there's plenty of potential for earning.

Reward tokens are credited to your Adbytes.Media account and can be claimed to your cryptocurrency wallet on a supported network of your choice (currently Polygon and Avalanche networks) by going to the "Claim Balance" page in your dashboard. 

Make the Most of Your ADBYTES Tokens

Once you've claimed your tokens, you can choose to hold them, stake them for more rewards, utilize them within the platform & adbytes ecosystem, or trade them for monetary value. In essence, owning ADBYTES tokens means you're a stakeholder in the platform and network as a whole.

Embark on Your Adbytes.Media Journey

Setting up with Adbytes.Media is simple. Register or log in, submit your website URL for review, and wait for our team's approval. Once approved, you can create ad units in various standard sizes, embed the code on your platform, and watch the ads (and your earnings) roll in.

In return, we expect you to maintain good standing with us. Any instances of clear click fraud or other malicious behavior can result in suspension. Similarly, if your website remains inactive for 60 days or more, it may be archived, and you'll need to resubmit or contact support to reactivate.

Ultimately, our success is your success. The larger our platform becomes, the more features, utility, and value we can bring directly to the ADBYTES token, enriching your earnings and attracting more publishers to join, further growing the size and power of the Adbytes.Media network.

Join the Adbytes.Media network today and unlock a wealth of opportunities!