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ADBYTES Token Smart Contract Upgrade on Polygon and Avalanche

April 12, 2024

Attention ADBYTES Community,

Quick heads-up: We've successfully implemented an upgrade to our ADBYTES token smart contracts on both the Polygon and Avalanche networks. This update is a critical step forward for our platform, aimed at enhancing functionality and paving the way for future features.

Why the Upgrade?

  • Renaming the Token: Following our platform's recent redesign, we needed to update our token's name and symbol to better reflect our new identity. The original contract had a glitch that prevented these changes.
  • Preparing for the Future: The upgrade includes new functionalities essential for the launch of our cross-chain bridge. This feature will enable the easy transfer of ADBYTES tokens between Polygon, Avalanche, and any future networks we expand to. Additionally, we've added a metadata URL field to the contract, simplifying access to token-related information.

This is a one-time change and we do not anticipate needing to redeploy the token again in the future.

Action Points for Token Holders:

  • You're All Set: There's nothing you need to do. We've already mapped out all token balances and completed a seamless airdrop to the new contract. Your token balance is up-to-date in your wallet.
  • Old Contract Retired: The previous contract is now out of service, with all transactions frozen. Feel free to remove it from your wallet interface.

How to Update Your Wallet: 

To access your updated ADBYTES token balance, please add the new contract addresses to your wallet:

  • Polygon Contract Address: 0x75beEbcc19e17560Ec92bfB4A52854135126B1d8
  • Avalanche Contract Address: 0x7Ce47348F20D6bb03B995867251AA8eB4807d123

For detailed instructions, refer to our MetaMask guides:

Looking Forward:

This upgrade lays the groundwork for upcoming developments, most notably our cross-chain bridge. Finalizing this bridge is essential not just for token utility but also for facilitating liquidity and enabling market trading. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience through this process. Your ongoing support is vital to our collective success. Keep an eye out for further updates as we progress on our development roadmap.

 Thanks for being part of our journey.

  • The ADBYTES Team